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ELEVEN 1+1=11
The People Engagement Network

Are your interactions with your Employees, Customers and Audience Authentic and Passionate?

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Who We Are

We are a network of companies and professionals who focus on People Engagement.


We combine expertise in Retail, Luxury, Omnichannel, Digital, CX, EX, Branding, Loyalty, Gamification, Customer and Employees feedback, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Cloud Contact Centers and more.


We work as a team to ensure your Employees, Customers and Audience are engaging with you in an authentic and passionate way.


For us, adding value is 1+1=11


We focus uncompromisingly on all the Human Beings impacted by the work we deliver.

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What We Believe

People Engagement is the key driver to delivering value and growth in any brand today.


People Engagement is a business competence. It’s not a function.


Behavior and ‘Mindset’ directly impact performance. How you think matters.


Business is human at the centre. It is people who design, deliver and share experiences. It is people who ‘Engage’.


Businesses grow when people grow.

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How We Partner

With you, we evaluate, assess, advise and design the key elements needed to transform your People Engagement:


We work with you over time, progressively, to embed newness and change in your culture. 

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We Are Different

At Eleven, our unique difference is that we are not finished when the advice has been given.


True transformation starts when your teams activate and implement the changes you want to see. 


Our teams are there every step-of-the-way to personally support and coach the change. 

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What We Promise

We place Humans back at the center of all facets of business life and help you create a deep level of Engagement with your Employees, Customers and Audience.

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The Team

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Founder of Eleven - Host of People, Not Numbers Podcast

Joe is the founder of Eleven - The People Engagement Network, based in the UAE. He comes with 14 years in the GCC and is an expert in Retail (Operations and Management), Luxury, Omnichannel, Digital Adoption, Customer and Employee Engagement. 

Founder & CEO of Merit Incentives

Julie is the CEO of Merit Incentives, a Dubai-headquartered company launched in 2016 with offices In MENA, APAC and Europe, providing the best Employee Engagement, Loyalty, Gift Card & Reward Strategies through innovative technologies to +400 retailers with a network of 4,000+ brands in 86+ countries.

Julie Leblan BW.jpg

MD and Founder of The Gamifier Group

Elvin and his team help businesses create a culture of engagement, leadership, execution and winning through Retail Excellence, Strategy and Change Management, and their sweet spot, Gamification.

Founder and Strategy & Business Development Director of un agency

With the un agency, Peter and his team are threading purpose through consulting, branding and outstanding creative execution: Purpose I Consulting I Brand strategy I Creative I Media & PR oversight I Performance & monitoring I Education. un agency is  based in South Africa and operate internationally. 

CEO and co-Founder of Kanari

Subhi co-founded Kanari 7 years ago - an insights and analytics tech company that helps brands grow their business by enabling them to measure, manage and improve the quality of their customer and employee experiences. Prior to starting Kanari, Subhi worked as a management & technology consultant supporting various industry clients in the GCC.

Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & Team coaching - Founder of EQ Coaching

Sidonie has 18 years of experience as HR Director in multiple industries from automotive to high end luxury in Europe and the Middle East. She is passionate about team dynamic and a strong advocate of the strength of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Her team dynamic workshops aim to unlock individual's and teams’ potential for team growth and positive change. She is based in the UAE.

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Stephane Brismontier_edited.jpg

Stéphane and his team 

have been offering, through acting techniques, tailor made professional workshops and team building concepts

designed to improve leadership capabilities, presentation skills, teamwork, storytelling and customer services.

Stephane Brismontier NEW BW Centered 2.jpg

Stéphane and his team 

have been offering, through acting techniques, tailor made professional workshops and team building concepts

designed to improve leadership capabilities, presentation skills, teamwork, storytelling and customer services.

Retail Coach

Dennis is a longtime professional in the hospitality and luxury retail industry. He has worked, among other fine-dining restaurants, at La Rive, a 2-star Michelin Restaurant in Amsterdam, at Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire, and for Maisons like Roger Dubuis, Piaget, and Tiffany & Co. Dennis has demonstrated multiple times in his career that great teams build great businesses. 

Nicolas baratciart_edited.png

Retail Coach

Nicolas is Business and Leadership Coach. He has over 10 years of experience in retail luxury industry between Europe and Middle East in Management roles, making coaching his management style. He has worked with more than 25 different nationalities in his teams and developed strong cross cultural management and communication skills. 

CEO and co-Founder of Ziwo - Cloud contact center 

Renaud is an engineer and entrepreneur, passionate about building companies around tech solutions. After creating businesses for Fortune 500, Renaud co-founded ZIWO, the first B2B SAAS platform, omnichannel, integrated, integrable, and AI-powered for the Emerging countries and beyond. His purpose? Offer a solution for brands to simply talk to their customers, anytime, anywhere. 

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Our Strategic Partner

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Getbee - Online Shopping Re-invented

Digital Clienteling done right - your omnichannel solution to sell smarter and better. Getbee helps front liners connect with their customers in a powerful and meaningful ways, creating new opportunities to engage at a deeper level. 

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We are located in Dubai with members in South Africa and the UK and partners all around the world.

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